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Integrating with peer metrics is dead easy

1. Install with npm

npm install @peermetrics/sdk

2. Import and initialize

import { Client, LocalStream, RemoteStream } from 'ion-sdk-js'
import { IonSFUJSONRPCSignal } from 'ion-sdk-js/lib/signal/json-rpc-impl'
import { PeerMetrics } from '@peermetrics/sdk'

let peerMetrics = new PeerMetrics({
    apiKey: 'your api key',
    userId: '1',
    userName: 'Mary',
    conferenceId: 'room-1',
    conferenceName: 'Call at 4pm',
    appVersion: '1.0.0'
await peerMetrics.initialize()

    pion: true

// then continue with the usual things
const signal = new IonSFUJSONRPCSignal("wss://ion-sfu:7000/ws");
const client = new Client(signal);
signal.onopen = () => client.join("test session", "test uid")

You can pass additional details to addSdkIntegration() to better identify the SFU server the user is connecting to:

    pion: {
        serverId: 'pion-sfu-na', // unique identifier for this server
        serverName: 'Pion SFU North America' // a more friendly name

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